LiberTV Jailbreak for iOS 11.1

How to Jailbreak Apple TV with LiberTV Jailbreak?

About LiberTV JB

Making the wait over, we now have Jonathan Levin’s LiberiOS, called LiberTV as the first public tvOS 11 jailbreak. It supports Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K devices based on the exploits released by Ian Beer from Google. So let us here take a complete review about how to Jailbreak Apple TV with LiberTV Jailbreak released aiming tvOS 11 to 11.1.

liberTV Jailbreak

More about Jailbreak Apple TV with LiberTV 11.0 - 11.1

Here we meet the updated version of LiberTV Jailbreak working for tvOS 11.0 up to tvOS 11.1. And here, it works on both the 4th Generation Apple TV 4 and the 5th Generation Apple TV 4K. Thanks to the creator Jonathan Levin, through this jailbreak you will get the right to use of SSH and can work on any binary as desired since it offers you the complete root access to the system on the box.

LiberTV 1.1 is accessible as an IPA. And in downloading the file, we recommend you to follow the official web site as the right Liberating of tvOS will liberate you to all benefits of jailbreaking while some other could make you more troubled. And then in installing the jailbreak and process, you have the options as getting signed to it through your developer Apple ID and side load the IPA either through Cydia impactor (only Apple TV 4) or Xcode.

What should you consider before proceed?

  • You should always use the official link. And make sure you are not following any mirrors as they could contain malware
  • LiberTV jailbreak is completely free to download and proceed. So do not get caught to anyone will request you to pay for it
  • The updates Apple TV jailbreak only works for TvOS Version 11.0 or 11.1. In case if your version is not one of both, you are out of luck this time
  • The jailbreak will only work for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K models. And none of the older models are supported
  • The jailbreak will be proceeding through computer operating on Mac OS, Linux, or Windows. So please be ready and also with an active internet connectivity
LiberTV Jailbreak for iOS 11.1

How to Proceed Apple TV Jailbreak tvOS 11-11.1?

LiberTV.ipa comes as an unsigned binary. So you should start by signing to it as given as follows.

  • Step 1: Launch Cydia impactor and connect the set-top box to the PC
  • Step 2: Download the IPA and drag it into the Cydia impactor interface and let it sign
  • In Xcode, XCode "Window" > Devices & Simulators and select the IPA as follows

  • liberTV Jailbreak

  • Step 3: Press “Click Me” and let proceed until it says you can exist the app

  • liberTV Jailbreak

  • Step 4: Take some more seconds and after LiberTV got the note saying to complete and continue setting up the “code signing bypass”, and also “SSH” as per your desire. It can be done either over USB-C connections or over TCP/IP if in the case of the 4K

  • liberTV Jailbreak

Apple TV Jailbreak Developer Credits

For making a successful approach to Jailbreak Apple TV with LiberTV 11-11.1, we should give all thanks to developer Jonathan Levin. And for exploiting, we should thank Ian Beer from Google.